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We help when your in need....

We provide advocate legal assistance to Litigants in Persons throughout the UK in Family and Civil Courts throughout the UK.

With the cuts in legal aide and the costs of Solicitors people find it more and more difficult to obtain sound guidance and assistance through the quagmire and complex procedures with the UK legal system.

We assist with preparation of all legal documents, help with strategies and attend Court with you should you require this.

The benefit of using a company such as ours, it not only the experience but also you may only require us for certain elements of your case, thus you can save on costs and lastly we are at the fraction of the cost of a Solicitor.

What we do

We Listen and guide you!

Family Law

It's free for initial consultation, we assist in all aspects of family law to include but no limited to Child Arrangements (including grandparents rights) Cohabitation Disputes, Divorce, Separation Agreements, Financial Agreements, Non-Molestations/Injunctions, and Occupation Orders.  The Service is very discreet and understanding of your situation.

Civil Claim

We have worked on defending and issuing claims up to the value of £500,000.00.  

We operate through all tiers of the UK Courts, including the High Courts.

We assist with most sectors within the civil courts.

We pride ourselves on being able to work with strategies and assisting at every stage of trying to mediate matters with the opposing side.


We specialise in exceptional hardship pleas in order to present the best possible case in order to seek relief from suspension of your driving license.

A recent case we were able to prevent a driver from losing her license which already had 12 points on, plus she was attending court for 9 further speeding offences.

We also assist with speeding allegations by forensically examining the compliance and the evidence.


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